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Thank you for auditioning! We wish we could cast all of you. Unfortunately, every show has a size limit, as does the stage. For those of you who are not on the cast list this time, don’t be discouraged. If you love theatre, we want you to be involved. Please consider working backstage in one of our many amazing crews. Stop in the theater offices to get more information. We want you on the team!

Keep in mind this is an overview. Detailed schedules will be posted weekly.



Plan (for the most part) to be at all rehearsals. Includes: Angels, Anna(s), Teenage Angel, Young Angel, and Deano.


Wreckers as follows…
Mondays: Named Wreckers only 3-6pm
Wednesdays: All Wreckers 3-6 pm
*Thursday evenings: All Wreckers 7:30-9pm
Fridays: All Wreckers 3-6pm


Flashback Scene Actors (if you play a named character) and Neighborhood Ensemble...
Tuesdays 3-6pm
Thursdays 3-6pm
Saturdays 10-2pm


Full Calendar is below.


You should keep these days/times open. We may not need you for every single day listed - but be available.

If you listed a conflict on your audition form - we have it noted.

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