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Curtain Call Club


Since its inception in 2003, the Curtain Call Club has supported the growth and helped improve the quality of Minnetonka Theatre. Examples of how CCC member contributions supported the following theatre enhancements, student activities and recognition are:


  • Video equipment to enable live streaming and virtual performances

  • Awe inspiring special effects

  • Stunning set pieces, costume purchases and rentals

  • State of the art sound and light system improvements that rival those found in professional theatres

  • Instructional clinics and field trips for sound, light, costume, hair and makeup crew students

  • Guest speakers and mentors

  • Student Summer Stock program (Bright Star in 2019 and Something Rotten in 2022) at Theatre L'Homme Dieu

  • Supporting the summer Student Showcase

  • Cast and crew lunches during all day tech rehearsals

  • Annual Senior Celebration event recognizing graduating seniors involved in theatre

  • Senior Awards for graduating seniors involved with Minnetonka Theatre

  • Senior Legacy Gift, starting with new monitors in the dressing rooms in 2022


These generous contributions are greatly appreciated by all Minnetonka Theatre students - cast, crew and pit as well as the audience members who enjoy the productions!

Membership Levels

Producer ($1,000+)

Director ($500-$999)

Designer ($300-$499)

Choreographer ($200-$299)

Headliner ($50-$199)

Patron ($25-$49)

Producers receive two free tickets in the Director’s Row for opening night (or other performance date of choice) of the fall musical, the holiday musical, the winter play, and the spring musical (8 tickets total). 


Producers and Directors receive 4 concession coupons for the season, to use as desired when attending shows. 

Support Minnetonka Theatre by purchasing theatre-themed clothing and more at the CCC store.


The CCC Store is always open - check out the website for the next ordering window.

More info HERE

For only $100, you can dedicate a theatre seat! A plaque with your personalized message will be placed on the arm of a selected seat in our Main Stage theatre.

Proceeds support

Minnetonka Theatre!


President - Marlo Turcotte

Vice President/Communications Marketing Director - Cheryl Welch

Secretary - Tonya Sadura

Treasurer - Julie Dosek

Assistant Treasurer - Paul Clough


Fundraising - Charley Clough

Concessions Tri-Chairs - Susie Boeckmann, Natasha Ens, Sarah Landt

Senior Celebration Co-Chairs - Jen LaFontaine, Ali Lee-O'Halloran

Social Media Manager - Erin Bix

Senior Awards Chair - Liz Hochman

Membership Chair - Laura Errington

Seat Plaque Manager - Katie Born

Questions? Email us at

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