Mamma Mia Audition Info

We are excited to announce auditions for our MHS Spring Musical Mamma Mia! All MHS students are welcome to try out for the show.  


First, complete your audition form here:


Virtually submit your monologue and vocal audition videos...


Pick one (1) monologue from the 3 provided below to perform on video. The monologues are purposely vague so you can perform them with your own personal take on the character. Each one is a bit crazed, neurotic, and frenzied. Play it for comedy and have fun! Note: monologues do not need to be memorized.  


Find monologues here: 


Pick one (1) song of your choice to perform. For this show we would love to hear one of your favorite pop tunes. Anything from classic 1970's rock on up through today's popular standards would work. A Broadway song with a pop-rock feel is also great. You may sing one verse and one chorus – or record the whole song. 

Find a karaoke track on YouTube and record yourself singing the song. Remember: we want to hear your singing style, but don't forget to act the song too – this is theater, not a concert.  


Be sure to slate (introduce) both your song and monologue videos: My name is.../I'm in grade.../ I will perform monologue #.../ I will perform the song titled.../ etc. And, of course, have fun! Also, make sure to record your videos in a well-lit area as we need to be able to see your facial expressions.  

Submit both video links (via Google, YouTube or Vimeo) to before 5:00 pm on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

Attend the live dance call!  
Monday, February 21 (a non-school day) with Miss Jenny on the Arts Center stage
9th & 10th grade: 10-11am
11th & 12th grade: 11am-12pm

This is a chance for the production team to get to know you and your personality. We need many different characters for this production, so whether you’re an accomplished ballerina or have two left feet, bring your showmanship, and have fun dancing to these classic disco songs!  


Callbacks, if needed, will be after school on February 22 (3-6pm) 

Rehearsals begin February 28.

Questions? Come see us in the Arts Center Officer.

Minnetonka Theater is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work, including the casting of our plays. We welcome all MHS student actors and crew members to apply for our shows, and to help us tell the stories we put onstage. 


Covid-19 Safety Policy: 
The safety of our young theater artists is our number one priority. Due to the nature of our activity, and to best protect all cast members, we strongly recommend students be fully vaccinated. We will continue to monitor and follow up-to-date District, State, and Federal safety guidelines.  

Questions? Please contact us at