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Von Trapp Children Audition Information

We are looking for children to play the roles of the Von Trapp children for our holiday production of The Sound of Music:

Friedrich - must be able to play age 14

Louisa - must be able to play age 13

Brigitta - must be able to play age 11

Kurt - must be able to play age 10

Marta - must able to play age 7

Gretl - must be able to play age 5


If you child is interested you should...

1. Download the calendar below and be sure the rehearsal/performance schedule works for your family. Note that there will be rehearsals over the Thanksgiving weekend, and your child must be available for all performances.

2. Download the sheets music (below) and have your child practice singing along with the accompaniment (also linked below).

3. Video your child singing along with the accompaniment. Be sure we can hear and see them clearly, and upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or a Google file, making sure the settings are not set to private. DO NOT submit your video via email.

4. Complete the audition form and be sure to include the audition video link!

All audition forms and videos must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Monday, August 28.

Start at time stamp 1:45 / end at 2:25)
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