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Minnetonka Theatre presents...


Neil Simon's


Directed by James Cada


Charley and Myra Brock are celebrating their 10th anniversary and have invited all their good friends to dinner, but the guests show up only to find that Myra is missing and Charley has “accidentally” shot himself in the ear.


The Brock's anniversary evening quickly goes awry, and as the confusions and mis-communications mount the evening spins off into hilarity.  In the end all the guests are complicit in a cover-up that no one even really understands, but the fantastical events of the evening are hilarious and and it's Neil Simon doing what he does best – making the mundane...insane!

Described as "Light, frothy and fun...not only side splitting, but front and back splitting too," Rumors is sure to have audience members laughing out loud!

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