Grand Hotel

At the Grand Hotel…


Colonel-Doctor Otternschlag: Grievously wounded by gas and shrapnel in WWI; a cynical, ruined man – Luke Rowen

Hermann Preysing: General Director of a large textile mill Elliot Lee-O’Halloran

Flaemmchen (Frieda Flamm): A pretty young typist who has theatrical ambitionsLillian Hochman

Otto Kringelein: Not old, but mortally ill; a bookkeeper from a small town Wilson Lindberg

Baron Felix Von Gaigern: Young, charming, optimistic, brokeSean Peterson

Raffaela: Confidante, secretary, and dresser to Elizaveta Grushinskaya Chase Kickhaefer

Elizaveta Grushinskaya: The beautiful, world-famous, may-retire Prima BallerinaHailey Guptail

The Countess: A mysterious and rich hotel guest Molly Geldert
Chauffeur: A gangster posing as a chauffeurCaleb Hunter

Zinnowitz: A Berlin investor / works with Preysing Bjorn Johnson

Sandor: Hungarian Theatre impresarioSam Lewis

Rohna: Grand Hotel’s General Manager Max Perdu

Erik: Intelligent young assistant concierge, ambitious, about to start a family Sam Rosewarne

Madame Peepee: Lavatory AttendantOlivia LaFontaine


Grand Hotel Guests/Dancers

Aashna Boolchandani, Owen Busselberg, Claire Chapman, Ashley Ens, Sanskar Gupta,

Adelaide Howland, Caleb Hunter, Emily Kratz, Sam Lewis, Molly O’Neill, Vedha Reddy,

Mark Turcotte, Charlie Welch, Ava West, Sidney Whiteside (Tootsie #1)


Grand Hotel Scullery Workers
Sam Abelsen, Andrew Denhardt (Detective), Claire Oh, Sadie Stillman, Naomi Vega


Grand Hotel Telephone Operators

Lucy Butcher, Shiloh Landt, Anna Rosen, Audrey Sadura, Anna Siegel


Grand Hotel Chambermaids

Reagan Aleman (Trude), Ainsley Belisle, Lexi Boeckmann (Tootsie #2)


Grand Hotel Bellboys

Jackson Deutsch, Henry Helsdingen, Erik Lopezmalo, Easton Spehar, Mark Turcotte